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The Dangers Of Running Red Lights

Accident After Running A Red Light

Drivers who are running late or are in a hurry to get somewhere may find it tempting to try to race to beat a red light. At other times, drivers in unfamiliar areas may not see a red light until it is too late to stop or slow down.

When drivers run a red light, whether accidentally or intentionally, they run the risk of causing wrecks that may result in injuries or death to themselves, passengers or other innocent victims.

Red Light Accident Statistics

Far too many people are injured or killed because of another driver’s split-second decision to try to get through an intersection when a light is about to change or has already changed. As many as 200,000 people are injured in the U.S. on an annual basis from other people not stopping at red lights. Around 800 die each year from this type of accident.

According to American Traffic Solutions, approximately two people died from collisions caused by running red lights every single day in 2015.  Not everyone who is harmed in this way is in a vehicle. Innocent victims are sometimes bicyclists or pedestrians who should have had the right of way when a reckless or aggressive driver runs them down.

What Does Running a Red Light Mean?

If a person enters an intersection when the light is green because they are attempting to make a left turn and then the light turns red, they are not guilty of running a red light.

A person who enters an intersection after the light has turned red has run the light and is responsible for causing an accident if one occurs. If a driver turns right on red without coming to a complete stop, they have also run a red light.

Red Light Safety Cameras

The use of red light cameras is a possible solution to reducing the number of people who aggressively speed through red lights. A red light safety camera is a type of traffic enforcement camera that can recognize a vehicle that has entered an intersection when the signal is red.

Using this strategy, vehicles that run through red lights are photographed and the driver receives a ticket in the mail. Red light running has been found to be reduced by as much as 40 percent using these cameras.

Concerns About Red Light Safety Cameras

There is some concern that the use of these cameras can be considered a violation of privacy and that these surveillance techniques could ultimately be used for other unrelated purposes. There are also concerns about due process because the owner of the vehicle becomes liable when a safety camera captures the image, even though the owner may not have been the driver who committed the traffic violation.

Driving Responsibly

It’s important for drivers to be committed to driving responsibly at all times and to do everything possible to avoid collisions. When people make a decision to drive recklessly and aggressively, it can endanger innocent people and also creates a risk of causing bodily injury to the driver and to their loved ones.

Drivers should always allow themselves enough time to arrive at their destination so that they are not tempted to race through red lights. It’s also important to always drive defensively and be aware of what other drivers are doing, especially at busy intersections.

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