TAOS Injury Lawyers leading advanced auto accident litigation seminar in Chicago

Posted on September 12th, 2014
By Steven Gursten

Several of our TAOS trial lawyers will be presenting during an upcoming, cutting-edge seminar on auto accident litigation.

The seminar is called “Auto Crash Litigation 3.0” and will run September 28-29, in Chicago. It’s being presented by the 360 Advocacy Institute.

Auto Crash Litigation 3.0 will have some of the best auto accident attorneys in the business giving advice to help lawyers better represent their clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. The experienced faculty will show you how the right case preparation, discovery, settlement, mediation and trial can increase the value of all of your cases. These attorneys will improve your negotiation skills and maximize your settlements.

Five Taos Injury Lawyers will be presenting during the legal conference:

Steven Gursten is moderating the two day advanced legal seminar. He’s also presenting on the topic of “Developing a Cutting Edge Auto Accident Legal Practice.”

Morgan Adams’s topic is, “The Ultimate Motion to Compel: Getting Past the Defense Boilerplate Responses to Find the Smoking Gun.”

Gary Pillersdorf will be speaking on, “What I have Learned about Winning Auto Crash Trials from Coming in 1st … and 2nd.”

Ken Levinson’s presentation is entitled, “Maximizing Damages for the Child Plaintiff.”

And Kirk Morgan will tackle “Maximizing Burn Injury Damages.”

The 360 Advocacy Institute is a group that hosts legal conferences and seminars for personal injury plaintiff attorneys. The group was formed in response to the pressures and tactics of the insurance industry and to fill the vacuum in education that exists in teaching lawyers how to better litigate in specialized areas, such as auto and truck accident cases.

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