How Long Will It Take To Receive Compensation From My Injury Lawsuit?

The length of time it can take to recover compensation from an injury lawsuit varies greatly. There are numerous factors that impact how long a personal injury case can take. Some of these include: The nature and extent of the victims injuries. The complexity of the issues involved in the case. The amount of evidence […]


What Questions Should I Ask My Prospective Injury Attorney?

Choosing the right lawyer for your situation can have a significant impact in the outcome of your case. Your lawyer will speak and act on your behalf throughout the process. Therefore, it’s important to ask a lot of questions when you’re interviewing your prospective injury attorney. Here are some questions that you should ask: How […]


When Do I File My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Following a serious injury, your first priority should be to seek the best treatment you can to get better. However, in the event that you suspect that your injuries were caused by the carelessness of someone else, you should also begin the process of investigating whether or not you have a valid claim for monetary […]


What is a Personal Injury Settlement?

Generally speaking, a personal injury settlement is an agreement by which an injured person agrees to accept money in exchange for dismissing a claim for damages against the person(s) who caused the injuries. Typically, upon entering into a settlement agreement, the injured party will sign a release. The release is a legal document that absolves […]


How Can I Afford a Lawyer for My Injury Lawsuit?

If you’re injured and are contemplating whether or not to pursue a lawsuit, you might wonder about whether or not you will be able to afford a lawyer. Fortunately, in the United States, most lawyers that help injury victims take cases on a contingent fee basis. In a contingent fee agreement, the client pays fees […]


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