What Is TAOS

No, we’re not just in Taos, New Mexico.

Taos injury lawyers are among the most highly-talented injury attorneys in the United States. These outstanding attorneys have earned peer recognition and professional achievement across the country.

Taos History

The Taos Business Retreat Group was founded in October 2003. A group of lawyers gathered at the El Monte Sagrado Resort high in the southern Rocky Mountains in Taos, New Mexico, to meet, greet, and exchange ideas and strategies relating to “the business of lawyering.”

A special bond formed between and among these lawyers and their spouses and families which has grown rapidly. Each of the lawyer members of the Taos Business Retreat Group has proven himself/herself to be a splendid courtroom advocate and a lawyer who in his/her practice focuses on the interest and goals and needs of the client.

The members of this special group understand and appreciate the efforts and energy which must go into the preparation, handling, and litigation of each and every case.

Being a member of this group means that I am associating myself with other lawyers who share a common interest in focusing on three things:

  1. The goals of the client.
  2. The goals of the client.
  3. The goals of the client.

These are caring and giving lawyers and the best of the best when it comes to advocacy and lawyering skills and talent.

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